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Do you need prayer?

Do you or does someone you know suffer from sickness or any other problem? We'd love to pray for your healing today!

We are Christians from St Helens Church in Trowell, who believe God loves you and can heal you today! Tell us about it here. It won't cost you anything, just a moment of your time. You have nothing to lose ... except your problems!

Your message will be emailed to some of the people in the Prayer Chain, and passed around that group, who will pray for you as soon as they can. If you wish, we can all pray for you more publicly at our regular services.

Just tell us what the problem is, as you see it. No detailed medical or legal terminology: we are not medically trained, just people who care about you. We will pray about you personally, to the one God who already knows all about the details of the problem.

Please fill in your email address if you would like us to contact you in response to this request for prayer - we don't normally reply.

Please note

This web page and form are secure, but the information you supply here will NOT be kept completely confidential. It will be securely emailed to some of the people on the Prayer Chain, and also shared with others who we trust in prayer for you. It will be stored safely for this purpose and so that we can refer back to it when we thank the Lord God for helping you.